Thursday, February 4, 2010

February already??

Well it's almost Valentines Day and I haven't updated my blog since Christmas, wow time sure flies these day.

Christmas was fantastic, maybe that's why I hadn't changed anything yet. I guess a part of me still wants to hear Christmas carols each time I sign in. Well our new year has started off as fast paced as ever. Nicolas & Nathan are both doing the Upward Bound basketball program this year. I have to say I'm loving it so far, they begin each practice and game with prayer, they receive stars of varying colors to put on their uniforms. Each color represents something different like good offense, defense, most Christlike during the game and so on. They also receive a new bible verse each week. I also have to say that the boy's coaches are fantastic.

Isaac started preschool and he is just loving it. He goes two mornings a week. He is just such a ham about it, he wakes up those days and jumps right in the shower and is dressed before most of us have brushed our teeth, he has become extremely independent lately. I think school is also helping with his social skills and his behavior. All is all it has been a huge blessing to him and our family.
Luis ran the PF Chang's half Marathon in January and finished under two hours. That was super exciting. He now wants to run all the time, it's nice to see a teenager that has found his passion and a healthy one at that. He is also carrying a 3.0 grade point average in school right now and he is eligible for graduation in May. He is excited also unsure if he is ready to leave high school so soon. Decisions...decisions.
Manuel is chugging along at work, hopefully the economy lightens up as the year moves forward. And me well I'm enjoying every minute of this busy bustling family, trying to enjoy all of it as I've noticed how fast time seems to be moving these days. WOW (women of wisdom) is totally rocking my world right now. The first hour is all about fear and insecurities, it's hits me over the head each and every week. Sometimes I sit there wondering if this woman speaking has been living in my head my whole life and sharing my story. It's an amazing fellowship and I just love it!
All in all 2010 is off to a great start! Can't wait to see all the wonderful things it has in store for us all. Happy February to you all!