Monday, October 17, 2011

three boys who love soccer

This fall for the first time all three of the Briseno boys are playing soccer. Although getting all said three boys to and from practices and games requires a LOT of planning and organizing this season has been wonderful. We've watched each of them learn new techniques and get so much better, we've watched them build great friendships...Manuel and I even made some new ones too. As much as I thought soccer was going to be nothing more than a burden and another thing to add to our already full to do list, it's been a blessing. Here are a few pics of the boys ahem... I mean soccer stars!

Friday, October 14, 2011

ZUMBA is taking over my life, and I love it!!

So it's been a month without a single post (AGAIN!!), I promise I will get better, I promise. So for today it's mostly pictures. I participated as an instructor in a Party in Pink Zumbathon for the Susan G. Komen foundation last Saturday. The day was amazing, full of booty shaking and calorie burning fun but it was also full of some very special heartfelt tear jerking moments. Here are a few pics of a great day!