Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Tasty Tuesday treat...

Being that it is Tuesday, one of my least favorite days of the week so I thought I would start sharing something that I found pleased all the little and big eaters in my family. Plus I have found that happy bellies make very happy families, at least it works for my husband it is absolutely true that the way to that man's heart is through his stomach. Today's Tuesday treat is a repeat of something I made last year but it was so good I couldn't resist making it again, plus it was freezing outside and baking this in the oven heated up the house so nicely.

Monday, November 29, 2010

I am so glad I posted that cute fall picture of my darling little family before our first snow fell overnight. I am so excited that winter is steadily approaching, what can I say I probably should be living somewhere that gets tons of snow because I love it so much, and maybe I just say that because we get enough snow where it's fun and very manageable, who knows! This last week we went to Phoenix to spend our very first ever Thanksgiving with my in-laws. It was absolutely wonderful, I really hope that as a family we start spending more time together.

On Thanksgiving night we decided it would be best to drive the hour and a half home so that my hardworking hubby could be at work for his black Friday sale. Well I'm so glad we did, because we realized that the fabulous outlet mall that is in between home and Phoenix opened at ten. We were caught in traffic for a while and finding a parking spot was a bit of a challenge but we finally made it. Isaac and I took a quick look around oohed and awed over the beautiful decorations and then hiked it back to the car where I turned on the heater and my heated seats and comfortably watched the Karate Kid ( for like the millionth time). Within about oh two minutes Isaac was fast asleep. I've never been out shopping like that and it was kinda fun, although if I seriously needed to get something I may have been a little frustrated.
Yesterday was absolutely perfect as well, snow was falling in AZ and we put on Christmas carols, had a roaring fire in the chimney, dinner was baking in the oven and happy little kids and super happy parents decorated our Christmas tree. What can I say I guess I'm a bit of a gusher but I've been feeling extremely blessed recently. So with a wonderful memory maker of a Thanksgiving behind us I look forward to a very blessed holiday season for our family as well as yours.
Oh and in case you were curious or if you wern't and I'm telling you anyway... I had a fantastic week being 30!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Walking through fall...

It feels as though winter has made it's arrival here in the desert, and I couldn't be happier because as most Arizonans know that the lower the temperature goes the closer Christmas is and I can't wait.
This week is so full yet will be so fun. The kiddos have a very short week at school and then we are off to spend Thanksgiving with my husband's family. It will be the first time in all of our eleven years of marriage that we will spend the holiday with them. It should be fun! I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving, I hope your holiday is filled to the brim with God's blessings and I hope they continue into and throughout the holiday season.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Goodbye 20's you've been great but...

I can hardly believe that in less than 48 hours I will be a thirty year old woman. I now know and feel how time really does fly. I guess the hardest part about turning thirty is that I have to close that chapter of my life. My twenties were a time of being newly married and having children. Two of life's greatest blessings. Now as I move into my thirties that is all over with, my husband and I after eleven years of marriage have decided that we will not be adding anymore little critters to our bunch and in the back of my heart I ache a little. Not that I want to ever again go through childbirth or night time feedings or diapers ever again, I think it's mostly because I've had infants and toddlers and preschoolers now for almost eleven years and it feels really strange to leave that stage behind, especially because it felt like it would last forever at the time and now looking back it's all gone so fast, too fast. I will be thirty and my baby will start kindergarten next year. Where has the time gone?
My twenties were a time of self exploration. I was lucky enough to get through my first two year degree, although it took me four, and I am eager to go back to school, that is when I decide what I want to be when I grow up I'm hoping my thirties will help me with that. It was also a time of great trials that would shake me to my core. The first would be a test of my faith in the Lord. That test came at my twenty week ultrasound with my second child. The day I found out that he would be born so severely handicapped that he wouldn't make it to his third birthday. I learned to have faith in a God that had a plan and that loved me and that would take care of me and my son not matter what the outcome would be. I learned to trust and have faith instead of trying to control everything on my own. He is now a healthy and thriving eight year old, who is our hippie child that literally melts my heart daily with his kind heart and quirky personality.
My twenties were a time when my love and commitment to my husband and marriage would be pushed to it's limits and tested beyond my understanding. My husband whom I love with all my heart and soul and I would decide to put our marriage on hold for almost a year to figure things out. We separated for nine months, for nine months during my twenties I lived alone for the very first time. In my twenties I found out how much effort it takes to save a marriage and also what huge blessing it is. In my twenties I realized how much I am loved and how much I can love. I learned a lot about compassion and patience. I learned that I am worth loving and I deserve to be loved and in turn can give love, the kind of love without expectations the kind of love that had eluded me for so long. In my twenties I learned that it's important to save for rainy days. To say what's in my heart and to act on my instincts. I also learned how to so say goodbye to loved ones, and cherish sweet memories and remember the lessons they taught me. I've learned to cherish friendships because the older I get the more I realize how important they are and how it's not like kindergarten where I have a new best friend every day. Friendships are important and need to be treated as such. I've also learned to let go of some friendships or be ok with how they've changed, I've learned not to expect so much from people. I've learned to say no and to mean it and my kids have learned that no is a complete sentence and a nice one at that. I've learned how great God is and how important my journey home to Him is and that has been one of my twenties biggest life changing moments.
I've lived, learned, and loved in my twenties and I hope my thirties bring even more love, more joy, more laughter and much much much more faith. So to you my twenties I bid adieu as I close the book on you, it's been great, it's been fun but I really must run.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Happy Halloween

What a wonderfully spooktactic week we had around here, I'll share just a few little pics of all the fun.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween school fun

This week was sooo much fun, if I haven't mentioned it lately I think Halloween is one of my absolute favorite holidays. I think it's mostly because of my sweet little trolls and the absolutely adorable town we are lucky enough to live in.
This week Isaac was able to celebrate Halloween/Harvest time at his preschool. The kids went on a pumpkin hunt, Isaac was thrilled to find his hidden behind a huge tree, we've never done a pumpkin hunt before and I really liked the idea of it. Then the next night it was Daddy and child pumpkin carving night at his school. I must admit I was totally excited that my darling husband got to do something special with him and have some one on one time but I was a little jealous, and I totally missed out on pictures, oh well. Then the next day all the kids at his school dressed up in their costumes and we went across the street to go trick or treating at a nursing home, it was so sweet and the kiddos really enjoyed the whole day. The older boys also got to have some fun this week, each day this week they got to have crazy hair, mismatched clothes and pj day, it was cute. Then on Thursday they all got to dress up and have tons of candy and fun at their class parties. We are all still in pj's as I write this (the kids don't have school today) I think we are all feeling the effects of our busy busy week. Although it was super busy and I felt exhausted at the end of it I wouldn't have it any other way, my kids are my life and I feel so blessed that each of them picked me to be theirs. Happy Happy Friday!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

AWANA crazy hair night

What a whirlwind of a week, we have been so busy this week. I am literally hitting the ground running every morning this week, I finally understand the term not enough hours in the day, because literally this week there wasn't, which meant late nights and really early mornings. Whew! I'm exhausted but it sure was fun. Here are some pics of the boys on their way out the door for crazy hair night at AWANAS.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bunko angels & devils

What a fun bunch of girls I get to play with each month, always so much fun!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We're still here

After months and months of not blogging it's kind of hard to decide where to begin. Hmmm I guess the beginning is always best. August brought the wonderful relief of the structured school year for all three of the Briseno boys. Nick started 5th grade (that one is kinda hard to believe), Nathan is in second and Isaac started preschool. They are all loving their new class and their new teachers. Isaac is loving school and meeting new friends, he is convinced that his new friend Abby should come spend the night at out house, hmm when is it appropriate to tell little boys that little girls can't come spend the night?!?
My darling husband has been on two trips to Virginia since my last post, I think I am finally getting used to him being gone once in a while. I think this last trip has been the easiest, actually slept really good and wasn't afraid at all, that my friends is a HUGE HUGE step for me. You see I am working on being independent and I do very well during the day but every night well that's an entirely different story I seem to have myself convinced that my address is somehow sent to every sex offender and murderer in the area, I know how dumb that sounds, where is my faith right? I know I'm working on it. You'd think that God and the fact that I live in a super safe gated community would ease my fears but it doesn't or didn't we will have to see what his next trip brings up for me.
Fall is definitely in the air around here and I love it, this summer felt unusually hot and I am ready for cool days and cool nights. I love our area this time of years, it's absolutely gorgeous. With all of the holidays coming up our house is buzzing with excitement, speaking of I must run I have Halloween costumes to make. And since I missed it Happy Fall Y'All!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

God's Masterpiece

My family and I saw God's masterpiece today, it was amazingly beautiful. The Grand Canyon is such an inspiring place. While I stood there I felt such peace and felt inspired by its beauty. The sheer size of the thing is truly amazing to witness, this was my second time there but the first time I was there it was really cloudy so I couldn't see very far, today however God surprised us with the most glorious weather. Words just don't do any justice but the pictures do, enjoy! We sure did.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

summer fun

Summer is going by so fast, and we have really been enjoying it. I think I have finally settled into the routine of it, go figure at the end of it! We have been really busy but it's all been really fun. Here are just a couple of pics of the boys being boys. Happy Summer!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Not ready to let Daddy go...

So my darling husband has started traveling to the east coast for work, he goes every other month for a week. At first I was really nervous to be alone with the kids for so long, and at night, you see I'm a big chicken who totally loves being married so that I am not alone at night (well I love being married for lots and lots of reasons, but the night time company is on top of my list). The first night I don't think I slept at all, I heard every single cricket chirp and every single car that passed by made my heart skip a beat or two. The next morning I woke up and read my daily devotional and it hit me over the head like a ton of bricks, how can I have fear and faith in the Lord all at the same time, it's not possible if my faith is even half the size of a mustard seed. All that day I prayed and prayed that I would enjoy this time alone with the kids instead of being so afraid. That night I slept like a baby, with all my babies in my bed. It was awesome! The rest of the week flew by and we filled it with lots of awesome memories. My kids ate their very first frozen meal (we called them t.v dinners when I was kid but now I guess they are frozen entrees) they all now know what a salbury steak is, how funny is that?!? We also just ate cereal one night for dinner so we could hang out at the pool a little later than usual. We had a great week and we were all very excited to see daddy come Saturday. I'm a mush but I had tears in my eyes as we drove to the airport to pick him up. After not being so thrilled about this new venture my hubby is starting, I'm actually really exicted about it. It gives me the chance to spend some really good quality alone time with the kids and also gives me a chance to miss my husband and get exited to see him again. It also more importantly made me realize that I need to give all things to God, even those things I see as small and unimportant, I need to see that He loves me so much and cares for me so much that no problem or fear of mine is too small for Him. What a good lesson for me. Happy Tuesday everyone. (The pics are of Isaac not wanting Daddy to go, and trying to sneak away with him, too cute!)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Not Me Monday

I didn't let our youngest totally get inside the mouth of a geat white shark this week, and if he did I wouldn't then proceed to take a picture of it and post it on my blog, so don't even think that. I totally did not forget that it has been Monday all day until now, so nope not me I would never forget to publish a Not Me Monday. I so didn't leave the house without making my bed today so that I could fit in extra play time on a super fun play date with old friends today, nope I think that would've been so lazy of me I mean come on how long does it take to make a king size bed with all the extra fluffy girly pillows anyway. I didn't let my kiddos drink sodas on our picnic play date today and totally embarass myself in front of the other type-a mom because I didn't think to buy juice boxes when I was at the grocery store lastnight, I do not even allow my kids to drink sodas nope not ever ever, not even once, I don't buy them and I sure don't ever keep them in my house. Well I haven't done a lot of things this week and it hasn't just been tons of fun, Happy Happy Monday all!
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

a little late but...

Our Fourth was wonderful this year, although it passed by way too fast. Prescott is such a wonderful place to be during this time of year, we all just love it. Our 4th of July lasts for about a week and it's jam packed full of things to do, so much in fact it's kinda hard to decide what to do and what to leave out. Prescott is home to the world's oldest rodeo, we got to do that this year and all of the boys had a wonderful time. There is also a huge craft fair at our local square with tons of vendors, there are boot races for kiddos and adults, street dances, and ok I'm going on and on and at this point my blog is sounding more like a travel brochure but there is more. There is also a huge (three hour long) parade and then an all day event at our local park with huge water slides, climbing stuff, carnival rides, food stands, live music and of course a huge firework display that evening. I love living in a small town, a small town with huge character. I hope you all had a wonderful 4th.

P.S Happy Birthday to my firecracker Grama!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day, to my dad, my husband, my grandpa and my papa!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer time fun

Summer has been in full swing around here and we as a family are trying to capture and enjoy every single minute of it. I love these summer days where the kids and I can just go with the flow, especially love the days where we can come and go as we please with no to do list in sight. These moments with the kids are so precious and as I've noticed recently are going by much faster than I ever anticipated. I remember when the kids were really small I felt like my days would forever consist of changing diapers, making bottles & scrubbing baby food stains off the walls. I can't tell you how some days my heart aches to have those days back. Well enough mushy stuff for today we are off to VBS and well whatever else we decide to fill the day with.

Monday, June 7, 2010

VBS Monday

I feel like even though the kids have been out of school for a little over a week that today is the actual start of summer for us. Two of the boys started VBS this morning, they were so excited about going, they woke up super early and were dressed and ready without me having to even say a word. I am enjoying that they are a little more independent this summer, they are able to get their own cereal and dress themselves and with all of that I find that I have a few extra minutes for myself. Isaac was a little sad to say goodbye to them he wanted to stay so badly with them and that is wonderful because he gets to stay next week.

I survived our very first all boys sleepover, I was so amazed at the boys my son has chosen to be his friends. I am so proud of his choices, all of the boys were so well mannered and really polite. I wasn't looking forward to the sleepover at all, I thought it was going to be loud and wild and I would secretly hide in the bathroom and try desperately not to pull out all of my hair ( I just got highlights so that wouldn't be such a great idea!). But it was the complete opposite in fact I would love to have them all over again maybe even a few times through the summer.
Isaac and I went to the grocery store and bought tons of summer produce this morning and we are chopping it all up and organizing it so that we have plenty of fresh and yummy snacks on hand. Other than that we have a very relaxing day planned, a nap, some playtime, maybe even a little pool time and then we are having a sweet sweet family over for dinner. Speaking of dinner...I was wondering what some of your favorite summer recipes are I would love to try out some new menu items. Happy Monday!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Yikes...what did I get myself into?????

So last month my oldest turned ten, and it just happened that his birthday landed smack dab in the middle of the two busiest weeks in the entire school year. So we decided that it would be a good idea to postpone his birthday party until you guessed it today. So tonight we are expecting seven little boys to appear on our doorstep ready for swimming, pizza, video games, play, fun, hopefully sleep and whatever else happens. Nicolas is so excited, he has never had a sleepover before, and because of this we don't really know what to expect. Live and learn I guess! I will let you know how it goes tomorrow, that is if I survive.

We are also going to try out the new children's museum that just opened up, that should be fun and something different. I hope you all have a fantastic Friday!

P.S Happy Happy Birthday Sophia, we love you!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

picking cherries...

Today marks one week since the kiddos started their summer vacation. We have had such a great week, it has been so nice not having to run around all over and be in a bazillion places in one day. We have really just been going with the flow of the day and it has been so nice and relaxing. We have been hanging out at the pool each day (I am trying really hard to get rid of my glow in the dark legs, at least for the summer). We did the summer movie program yesterday, can't beat it $2 to see Charlotte's Web. I had forgotten what a great movie that is, little Isaac cried when Charlotte died:( In this last year unfortunately he has had a lot of death to deal with.
Next week the kids will start two weeks of VBS, and we are all very excited about that. Isaac will get to participate this year. I ask all of you to please pray for him through this. He is on some new stuff that the new doctor gave him and we have changed his diet, I however have not seen any new changes, good changes I should say. We have had a rough couple of days with him, he isn't taking naps and is having the hardest time falling asleep at night, he has been wetting the bed almost nightly now and yesterday during a play date was really hard to calm. OK back to my train of thought, please pray for him, he usually doesn't do well in social situations, I plan on staying the first morning with him and then leaving him on the second to see which scenario works best for him. I pray that he is happy to join in on the fun. I want him to learn to be happy and play with other children minus the meltdowns. So please if you all don't mind please keep him in your prayers next week.
So I am off to do whatever the day brings about for all of us (how nice is that! Love it).

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Out of the mouths of moms

This is going to be so much fun, because I catch myself saying exactly what my mom would say or sometimes the craziest things. I always thought that whatever the kiddos were saying was funny but I do the same thing, maybe talking insanely comes with the territory when raising children. Some things I've been saying lately...

please don't spit and then slurp it up, it's kinda rude not to mention really gross.

Honey please please please don't poop in the hamper, that is where dirty clothes go, not poop.

We DO NOT pee in the pool, no it's not funny, I really think you can make it to the potty, you can't because it's gross, they will have to put even more chemicals in the water to make it pleasant for us to swim in, yes I do believe that other kids with goggles on can see you pee! If you pee in the pool why do you keep getting mouth fulls of the water to spit out, YUCK! Yes if you pee in the pool eventually you will probably drink it if you keep opening your mouth.

Hot dogs are not an everyday meal, because I said so, because it's really important to eat your veggies

Please stop shaking your brother, you are going to give him a headache

please put some clothes on, we do not walk around the house naked just because it's hot outside.
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Angel on isle 8

I think sometimes I get so caught up in my own life in my own world, with my own things and my own activities that I lose sight on what else is going on in the world. I have never thought of myself as being selfish but indeed I am. I don't get out of my way very often to call a friend or invite one to lunch. I tend to be the invited and not the one extending the invitation. I always say I have so much going on, the kids need this or have this or that going on. When I stop and realize what I've been doing I realize how often I isolate myself. I have to ask...do I isolate myself to protect myself and if so from what? What am I so afraid of? I know that if I am not careful I will land up pushing everyone away. So being the isolator I am, the self centered in my own world kinda gal I am I found God or should I say He found me. He found me the other day on check-out isle number 8. I am a God loving, Christian woman. I go to church regularly, work in the Sunday nursery, go to weekly bible studies, pray all the time, I look like a good Christian woman from the outside. But I have to wonder if I was such a good Christian woman would I still do all this isolating or would I feel good enough in every situation I find myself. I believe I would because I believe that I would love myself as much as my Father loves me. To prove His love for me He shook me to my very core at the very heart of my little world, the grocery store. Like I mentioned before I go to lots of bible studies and I have heard wonderful stories of everyday miracles happening to other people. Of course other people, things like that don't happen to me. I am nothing special. While having a usual day at our local down the street grocery store a young man in front of me was about to pay for his few groceries. He didn't have a club rewards card I overheard his conversation with the clerk and offered him mine. He looked at me in such surprise, really I thought no big deal. The clerk than offered him the brochure so he could get his own card he turned around and asked if that was ok and I said sure in fact great because I forgot something and while I ran back to get it he could fill out the card. He was new to the area and I told him how having a card would be better than using mine, he could earn discounts on gas and other things. So I ran back and grabbed the box of brown rice I had forgotten and when I came back he was just about done and handing the cashier his cash. Then I heard the woman say "are you sure, sir? He turned and gave me a huge smile and waived and walked out. He had handed the cashier money to help pay for my cart full of groceries. I at first said oh no I can't take it, but the young man was already out the door. My eyes filled with tears. The cashier was about as astounded as I was. The reason I had to share this is because later that day I posted this on face book and a friend of mine sent this back to me... "Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it" Hebrews 13:2
He was indeed an angel, an angel sent by God to shake me up that day. To show me that I am special and good things do happen to me, I need to stop being so afraid and let life happen and let life in. He loves me and that is all that I need to be good enough, because if I am good enough and so loved by the Lord who gave his life for mine than I am good enough.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Not Me Monday...

Another Monday already??? Geesh where does the time go these days? Well this week I didn't show up late to Nick's baseball game only to realize that we were at the wrong field, nope not me couldn't be, I am totally on the ball and have every time, date and event in my planner. I totally didn't look at the wrong date :) I didn't let Isaac where his cowboy boots and hat and batman cape to the game either, me of course not. On Friday I didn't take Nathan to Sonic for Happy Hour and let him eat an entire banana split by himself, that would just be way to much sugar for his seven almost eight year old body, and I didn't totally enjoy an ocean water as well and then proceed to walk around with blue teeth for an hour or so. I didn't lay on the couch for two hours last night so I could watch the series finale of Lost, geesh on the couch for two hours that would be impossible. I didn't wake my darling husband up in the middle of the night on Saturday so I could ask him where the monkey was on the I spy game and then continue to have a conversation about the game while completely asleep, nope! I never talk in my sleep, that could be soooo dangerous and really embarrassing! (Note to self don't play I spy with Isaac before bed time....I wonder if he looks for clues in his sleep too?) Well what have you not been up to this week? Happy Monday all!
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Friday, May 21, 2010


Well what a month this has been. Full of ups and downs with tons of loops and twists thrown in as well. Isaac has not been doing so well. His behavior is getting harder and harder to deal with. I pray every morning when I first open my eyes before my feet touch the ground that God will teach me to be the mommy that Isaac needs. I thought that the older he got the more he would understand and the easier it would be to calm him. Nope I couldn't have been more wrong. The older he gets the more severe his meltdowns are. I think I have been walking around like a sort of zombie for a few months without even realizing it until the last week. I feel exhausted to the very core of my being, and naps just don't cut it at this point.
He went to see a new doctor last Friday, Doc S. is an amazing and wonderful person. Isaac is usually very temperamental with strangers especially strangers that are doctors and have waiting rooms. We walked into the office and the atmosphere was wonderful and as soothing as a spa. There was soothing music on in the background and everyone there spoke in quiet calm voices. The paint was even neutral. I loved it...there were a few toys in a basket in the corner for him to pick over, no overwhelming cartoons blasting on the usual mounted tv ( totally not knocking those either, they provided my other children with hours of entertainment at our other pediatricians office in the past), no bright colored paint or heaven forbid a colorful mural, and no other children in the waiting room. Isaac and I sat on the floor to play for all of two minutes until this calm and collected doctor came out and greeted us. Isaac stood up shook his hand and walked us into his office. I was very ready for this appointment, I started packing for his days in advance. In Isaac's bag were crayons, coloring books, sketch paper and blah blah blah. Everything and anything I could think of that would keep his attention long enough so that I could maybe have a conversation with this new doctor. I was put at ease instantly, I think Isaac was too, his mood and behavior were beyond awesome! For the first time in a long time maybe ever...someone understood me, understood what my days are like, validated me and didn't want to pack me up and ship me out to the looney bin. Finally and I think Isaac felt it too, someone understood us! After (drum roll) two hours, yes two hours in a teeny tiny office he gave us a few recommendations. Isaac is now on some amino drops another drop that has an extremely long and hard to spell name and is on a glutten free diet (again!). I am so happy and optimistic about this new journey. Today was a week on the diet and drops and today was an extremely difficult day, but we are on our way and that is a great start!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010

a couple of firsts...

Since Easter Isaac has been a busy busy little bee of new activity. He went to the dentist and had his first ever cleaning and check up, all went great. No cavities his teeth are in tip top chewing condition, music to my ears because the rest of the boys have extremely soft teeth and are very cavity prone.

Isaac also started t-ball this past week, and he loves it. And I mean all of it, the bugs, the grass, the clouds making funny shapes in the sky, and I'm not totally convinced he doesn't think it's soccer. I do however see running in his future. Things are going great around here. We've been busy as usual, the boys have about five weeks of school left and the teachers are jamming them with swimming lessons at the YMCA, really cool field trips to meteor crater and some other really cool northern Arizona destinations.

Nick (as he wants to be called now) started baseball too! He is in the minors and I will post pics of his first game soon, he is the pitcher. We are so proud of him. Well that's all for now, hope you all have a blessed week!