Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day, to my dad, my husband, my grandpa and my papa!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer time fun

Summer has been in full swing around here and we as a family are trying to capture and enjoy every single minute of it. I love these summer days where the kids and I can just go with the flow, especially love the days where we can come and go as we please with no to do list in sight. These moments with the kids are so precious and as I've noticed recently are going by much faster than I ever anticipated. I remember when the kids were really small I felt like my days would forever consist of changing diapers, making bottles & scrubbing baby food stains off the walls. I can't tell you how some days my heart aches to have those days back. Well enough mushy stuff for today we are off to VBS and well whatever else we decide to fill the day with.

Monday, June 7, 2010

VBS Monday

I feel like even though the kids have been out of school for a little over a week that today is the actual start of summer for us. Two of the boys started VBS this morning, they were so excited about going, they woke up super early and were dressed and ready without me having to even say a word. I am enjoying that they are a little more independent this summer, they are able to get their own cereal and dress themselves and with all of that I find that I have a few extra minutes for myself. Isaac was a little sad to say goodbye to them he wanted to stay so badly with them and that is wonderful because he gets to stay next week.

I survived our very first all boys sleepover, I was so amazed at the boys my son has chosen to be his friends. I am so proud of his choices, all of the boys were so well mannered and really polite. I wasn't looking forward to the sleepover at all, I thought it was going to be loud and wild and I would secretly hide in the bathroom and try desperately not to pull out all of my hair ( I just got highlights so that wouldn't be such a great idea!). But it was the complete opposite in fact I would love to have them all over again maybe even a few times through the summer.
Isaac and I went to the grocery store and bought tons of summer produce this morning and we are chopping it all up and organizing it so that we have plenty of fresh and yummy snacks on hand. Other than that we have a very relaxing day planned, a nap, some playtime, maybe even a little pool time and then we are having a sweet sweet family over for dinner. Speaking of dinner...I was wondering what some of your favorite summer recipes are I would love to try out some new menu items. Happy Monday!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Yikes...what did I get myself into?????

So last month my oldest turned ten, and it just happened that his birthday landed smack dab in the middle of the two busiest weeks in the entire school year. So we decided that it would be a good idea to postpone his birthday party until you guessed it today. So tonight we are expecting seven little boys to appear on our doorstep ready for swimming, pizza, video games, play, fun, hopefully sleep and whatever else happens. Nicolas is so excited, he has never had a sleepover before, and because of this we don't really know what to expect. Live and learn I guess! I will let you know how it goes tomorrow, that is if I survive.

We are also going to try out the new children's museum that just opened up, that should be fun and something different. I hope you all have a fantastic Friday!

P.S Happy Happy Birthday Sophia, we love you!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

picking cherries...

Today marks one week since the kiddos started their summer vacation. We have had such a great week, it has been so nice not having to run around all over and be in a bazillion places in one day. We have really just been going with the flow of the day and it has been so nice and relaxing. We have been hanging out at the pool each day (I am trying really hard to get rid of my glow in the dark legs, at least for the summer). We did the summer movie program yesterday, can't beat it $2 to see Charlotte's Web. I had forgotten what a great movie that is, little Isaac cried when Charlotte died:( In this last year unfortunately he has had a lot of death to deal with.
Next week the kids will start two weeks of VBS, and we are all very excited about that. Isaac will get to participate this year. I ask all of you to please pray for him through this. He is on some new stuff that the new doctor gave him and we have changed his diet, I however have not seen any new changes, good changes I should say. We have had a rough couple of days with him, he isn't taking naps and is having the hardest time falling asleep at night, he has been wetting the bed almost nightly now and yesterday during a play date was really hard to calm. OK back to my train of thought, please pray for him, he usually doesn't do well in social situations, I plan on staying the first morning with him and then leaving him on the second to see which scenario works best for him. I pray that he is happy to join in on the fun. I want him to learn to be happy and play with other children minus the meltdowns. So please if you all don't mind please keep him in your prayers next week.
So I am off to do whatever the day brings about for all of us (how nice is that! Love it).

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Out of the mouths of moms

This is going to be so much fun, because I catch myself saying exactly what my mom would say or sometimes the craziest things. I always thought that whatever the kiddos were saying was funny but I do the same thing, maybe talking insanely comes with the territory when raising children. Some things I've been saying lately...

please don't spit and then slurp it up, it's kinda rude not to mention really gross.

Honey please please please don't poop in the hamper, that is where dirty clothes go, not poop.

We DO NOT pee in the pool, no it's not funny, I really think you can make it to the potty, you can't because it's gross, they will have to put even more chemicals in the water to make it pleasant for us to swim in, yes I do believe that other kids with goggles on can see you pee! If you pee in the pool why do you keep getting mouth fulls of the water to spit out, YUCK! Yes if you pee in the pool eventually you will probably drink it if you keep opening your mouth.

Hot dogs are not an everyday meal, because I said so, because it's really important to eat your veggies

Please stop shaking your brother, you are going to give him a headache

please put some clothes on, we do not walk around the house naked just because it's hot outside.
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