Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Every inch of my body hurts!!

So I only finished my boot camp class an hour ago and my whole body hurts already. Either I worked out really hard or I'm just a big ninny. I can say it was a good way to start the day.

Less than a week to go before the kids start school and I'm feeling a mixture of feelings. I'm going to miss them dearly especially our cuddle time in the afternoon. I'm sad because every year when they start school they get a little older and a little less dependent on me, they are growing up way too fast. I remember when they were really little I thought I would be changing diapers forever and washing bib and onesies forever but those days are just about over, Isaac is already in the midst of potty training. I'm missing little ones, although I really don't want or can't handle anymore. However I won't be missing the "I'm bored" fifteen minutes after we're home from the pool or "I'm hungry" right after lunch and I will miss the bickering much less than that. I know for all of us it's time to get back on routine. Hope all are well:)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sleepy Sunday

A very sleepy Sunday for our family. Manuel had to work today so me and the kids took a much needed day off. We all woke up feeling really tired, we had a late night. The kids and I went up the street to my mom's house for a movie night because all the guys had a work night planned. It was fun but we didn't get back home until almost eleven and then without Manuel home I just couldn't sleep. When he got home I dozed off as soon as my head hit the pillow. This week and all it's adventures finally got the best of me I feel exhausted. Although it was a quiet day we got a lot done. I want to finish all my house stuff so that I can enjoy the boys before they go back to school on Aug. 4th. I can't believe that summer is just about over, it went by so fast. I'm really going to miss them but I'm relieved to again have the structure that the school year brings. Off to take a nap:)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Slowly healing...

Well the good news is that Manuel's knee is doing much better, he went to the chiropractor on Thursday when we got back from Phoenix, then again yesterday and he will go again on Monday, then he should be back and running.

On Friday I took all the boys to the movies (part of the summer movie program) we saw Nancy Drew, I think we all enjoyed it. I think the kids felt like grown ups watching a mystery movie. They asked really good questions and were really into it. That made things much better because on the way to the theatre they were disappointed that it wasn't going to be a newer cooler movie, they were expecting Wall-E (or however you spell it), so I was so glad that they enjoyed it.

Friday was also my Dad's birthday, so after the movie we got to go do a little shopping. He is the hardest person to shop for, boring me got him ties. Oh well at least he'll use them. My mom had a wonderful birthday dinner for him later it was great.

The boys started their sparring class yesterday, it was interesting. When we first got there they had to get all their stuff on yes including a cup. Nathan thought that was so weird. They did pretty well when they got their chance in the ring. Nicolas beat a guy that was about a foot taller than him they had a fun time. For them, an opportunity to hit and be rewarded ironic huh! Well they are learning discipline though so it makes me happy, and most of the time I see what they are learning in class helping at home.

Bye Garrett, we love you and miss you tons already thanks for spending time with us we had a blast:)


On Thursday Manuel took the day off and we took off to Phoenix early in the morning. Miracle to us the business we had to do there took a whole fifteen minutes we were thrilled so we decided to make a day out of it. We headed off the the Arizona Science Center. I had never been there. It was soooo cool. We went to the grossology area first. Oh my gosh if you have boys this is the place to be. It teaches them all about bodily fluids, functions, smells you get the idea. It was very hands on and quite smelly but very fun. The kiddos ran around like little crazy heads and were laughing and screaming and making funny faces it was a blast.

Next we went to the Narnia exhibit and it was just beautiful. Isaac played in the fake snow I think that was his favorite part. In my opinion it was beautiful but a little expensive for what is was. Then if was off to the Earth exhibit. I think we stayed there almost as long as the grossology exhibit. The kids stood on this big platform and they were able to feel every kind of weather from the heat of a wildfire to the rain and wind of a hurricane and the tremble of an earthquake. I think they did that like five or so times they loved it.

So after a few hours there all of us thoroughly exhausted made the trek back up the hill home. What a day it was awesome.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Frogs in the pool!!

Yikes Frogs in the pool, yet another day filled with frogs. Last time I counted we had twenty tiny frogs in the kids frog house. Today we let them all go but one because Nathan is convinced it's going to have babies, I've tried explaining that frogs don't have babies the way mommies do but he is convinced that the big belly the frog has is filled with baby frogs. Oh well. We now have a trantula creeping about every night. He's huge doesn't scare me much Isaac thinks he's cool but is smart enough to keep his distance from the furry leggy thing. These rains bring out all kinds of adventures for the kids.

Nathan didn't land up in the er like the nurse wanted. She and I have come to the conclusion that he was just tired, cranky and in serious need of a long nap in which he got, woke up and his eye was good as new (Nicolas had poked his so hard that Nathan cried and cried all day, the nurse thought he should go to the er, but since I had four children in my house I called Manuel and he couldn't leave work so he said put him down for a nap and I will be there in an hour to take him, so I put him down and three hours later he was good as new) Sorry long story for nothing much.

We registered yesterday at the new school and Nicolas got in and Nathan is first on the waiting list, he would have been 18th but since Nicolas got in siblings have first priority. Way cool. Nicolas is sad and doesn't want to leave his friends and I told him that he and I could support eachother because I have made friends with all the mommies and don't want to leave them either but sometimes we have to do things we don't want to in order to grow, who knows maybe we'll both meet wonderful new friends. Well that's all from us, love and thanks to all who read this. We're off to self defense class and our home away from home Costco.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Another day in the life...

Yesterday we started cleaning the old house and let me just say a big YUCK!!! OK I don't want to talk about it anymore. Ok maybe just a little more, we were there for five hours yes five hours yesterday and we still aren't finished. Yesterday we cleaned until our fingers cramped, but then we went for ice cream and called it a day. Today, darling little Garrett came bright and early we went to my mom's house for a protein spinach smoothie and then it was off to zumba. The kids got to play at childcare and they just had a ball, they did a glitter craft that can come home tomorrow, then poor little things I just had to go spend another hour cleaning the old house it's looking more suitable for humans than animals now though so the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter.

After lunch and a nap, yes a long wonderful nap the kids ate ice cream cones it was their treat for being so good while I cleaned at the old house. Then it was off to the pool. Today along with the treat of going to the pool our rain last night made today even more fun. There were little tiny frogs all over the place. The kids ran around like little crazies catching them. Needless to say we came home with fifteen of them, they are now outside in their frog home, Garrett took two of them home to play with, we'll just have to see how many of them are still alive tomorrow. Over all we had a great day.

Manuel is still limping around on his hurt knee, I may just have to call the doctor tomorrow he doesn't want to go but the pain isn't going away. Cross your fingers we find out where the kids are going to school tomorrow out of our two top choices. I've given it to God, I trust that he knows what's best and will put us exactly where we need to be.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I can hardly beleive this week is already over, or at least almost over. We had such a full week that the days past so incredibly fast, even Nathan noticed as I tucked him into bed last night he told me "wow mom did notice how fast today went?" I guess time really is flying when children notice. I had four boys in my house three days this week and it was actually easier adding another boy into the mix. I noticed that Nicolas and Nathan didn't fight as much and we had much more productive days. I took them all swimming every afternoon and we swam for a couple of hours then went home and ate dinner and they were all about ready for bed especially the little fish in our family Isaac. He puts on his little floatie suit and just goes for it I mean really goes for it, he jumps in, puts his face under water does back floats he is just amazing to watch. All the people at the club especially the older ones can't get over how he loves the water. I think he really thinks he can swim because on wednesday the boys started another self defense class, this one at the club and so Isaac and I decided to wait for them at the play area, well it got hot real fast and so I told him we could go sit by the pool and put our feet in well that lasted all of five seconds then he stood up and jumped in clothes and all. The amazing part of it is that he was kicking and paddling his arms he did pretty good. I did get in too to help him out but I was impressed how well he did, he didn't freak out or anything. Maybe he is a natural in the water like those babies I've seen on tv.

Great news, Manuel has finally moved into his new office in the new Toyota store, he is so happy about it. The building came out just beautiful.

Today we have a very busy day, our renters moved out Thank God!! so now we have to go in and fix all the stuff they messed up and left dirty. Oh well at least they paid their rent! I hope it doesn't take all weekend because there is an arts and crafts fair downtown and the kids and I always like to go get a big bag of kettle corn and walk around all the booths, it so fun and the weather is going to be nice today not too hot.
Well that's all from around here hope all are well.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nathan's Birthday

My oh my how time just flies. Today is my darling Nathan's 6th birthday, he is now old enough to count his age on both hands and he is super excited about that. To celebrate this big milestone we are going to take all the boys to Peter Piper Pizza for lunch and then spend the rest of the day at the pool. We are also going to celebrate his day tomorrow. Manuel and I are taking the boys to Phoenix to the Phoenix museum to see the grossology exhibit I don't know who is more excited about that trip and then we might hit the water park or something. I was thinking this morning how time has just been passing so fast these last few years. It seems like Nathan went from 3 to 6 overnite. He has grown into the sweetest child, he loves the outdoors and everything that walks, crawls, slithers or hops. We have tons of frogs at our house because of the monsoons and everynight he is out frong hunting, little plastic homes (cups, bowls, anything that will house critters) line the wall of his room most days. We had to make a rule that he can only keep them for a little while and then the critters have to be released so they can go back to their families. He's just too cute, he always says "look mom, hoppy is going back to his mommy" the critters are always named hoppy or pincky don't know why that's just the way it is. Well I could sit and write about Nathan and his adorable quircks all day but I must go shopping now and pick up is Wall-E cake ( I think that's how it's spelled). I just feel extremly blessed to have been given the opportunity to watch this child grow and lucky enough to be loved by him he is truly amazing. Thank You god for giving me this child. We also have welness checks today so I will post that tomorrow, have an amazing day. P.S Mikie, Garrett is wonderful and we are just having a ball with him:)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Circus is in town

The circus is in town..oh what fun! Well things turned aroundd this week, it turned out to be a fantastic week probably because I looked at a calendar and figured that the kids only have a couple of weeks of summer vacation left. So I'm going to enjoy every minute we have left. We finally got to swim with Susie and her kids we had a wonderful time. We swam until the afternoon monsoon kicked in and then we went home for a nice nap as it rained couldn't have been better. The kids had karate yesterday and that went well, they have improved so much they are moving up into a new swat class they are soooo excited. After karate lastnight my wonderful parents took all three of the kids to the circus and then a sleep over, that meant time for Manuel and I. We went out to our favorite restaurant and had amazing sushi. Then with full bellies we walked around the square listening to the bands playing in all the bars down whiskey row. The weather was beautiful and there were alot of people walking last night it was wonderful, I had really missed my husband and it was nice to just be and just be with him. Sometimes I can let myself get so caught up in what the kids are doing that I forget how nice it is to be with him. Our new goal is to spend one night a week without the kids and have date night we need to do that more often because right now we are lucky if we have two date nights a month. We have a wonderful relationship and more quality time together just makes it that much better. Today we have a birthday party to go to, Thanks Marnie! Well that's all from me for now however the weekend has just started and leaves plenty of room for opportunity. *Mikie, I will have Garrett Mon, tues and thurs this week so I'll keep you posted on all our activities, the boys are super excited:)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day 1

Off to a good start... Today has just been one of those days where nothing seems to work out the way I planned. Nicolas woke up with a terrible headache today and wanted to stay home, missing vacation bible school. Meaning I didn't have those glorious 3 hours all to myself. So of course thirty minutes later he was fine, and happy to have missed vbs. This afternoon the kids were going to start a self defense class and as soon as we got there found out it had to be rescheduled and of course that was after the hustle and bustle of trying to get all of us out of the house on time so on to the next planned activity, a swim play date with the wonderful Susie Dandos (Nicolas' 2nd grade teacher, and just maybe the coolest lady on the planet) and on the way to the car we saw lightning then called to find out the pool had just closed. Bummer! So hopefully we can get to the pool later this evening, it really helps the kids get all their energy out and sleep better, and when they sleep better so do I so swimming is pretty important to our daily routine this summer. Oh well so much for planning, I'll try being spontaneous tomorrow, maybe it will work out better.

Briseno Clan arrives in the 21st century

We've finally made it. My family & I are finally in the 21st century. My friends & family are always telling me that I need to start blogging because I'm not good at calling or emailing. So here I am, are you all happy now? Well I hope I don't dissapoint from now on you all will know every detail of our crazy life.