Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Eleven years ago today

was the best day of my life. It was the day our sweet Nicolas was born. He was six days early but big enough to be a week or two late 9 pounds one ounce. Eleven years ago today my heart and world changed I became a mom, eleven years ago today I held life's most precious blessing our first child. Thank you Nicolas for choosing me to be your mommy and to share your precious life with me.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Shiri Briseno's Zumba Profile

Shiri Briseno's Zumba Profile

my dad's retirement means lots of extra work for me

So I mentioned a couple of months ago that my dad decided to retire a little earlier than he had planned. Since his retirement a couple of months ago, it's been a bit of a whirlwind change your life kind of pace around here. You see, if you didn't already know my parents live right up the street from us, it works well for us actually really well. We learned right away to have some boundaries like no coming over usually without calling first and so on, so we love it. OK back to the dad is a keep busy at all times kind of guy he has to have projects every single day that will take up the whole day. Thank God for this because if he was a lay on the couch and watch westerns all day kind of guy I think I would be searching the yellow pages for a good divorce attorney for my parents. I love it, he takes the boys hiking and fishing and some mornings he takes them to school for me or picks them up, I'm starting to wonder what I ever did without him. I love it and all but boy does he keep me busy, all this week we have been at my house pulling weeds, cutting bushes, digging out dead bushes (have I mentioned that I absolutely hate gophers and moles right about now). I feel at this point I could give our local landscapers a run for their money, but I won't it's really hard on my back, ouch! So as I pour scoop upon scoop of Epsom salt into my bath and sit there until I'm as shriveled as the raisins in my cereal I feel ever so grateful to have such an amazing dad who helps me in so many ways, I feel blessed that he is such a wonderful pa to my boys. Tomorrow on the other hand when I can't get out of bed, but he insists because it's planting day I will curse (quietly of course, I do have my manners) his name and will politely hand him the want adds.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Absolutely a manic monday

Today has just been one of "those days". After not sleeping so well last night I woke up feeling groggy and exhausted but up and off we ran. I dropped all the kiddos off at school went to Zumba, had absolutely no energy I'm glad I wasn't teaching today! Then had to go back to school to do reading groups with Nathan's class and totally forgot that I had promised to stay for lunch with him today but couldn't because I had forgotten to sign Isaac up for lunch bunch at his school. So instead with the whole five bucks I had in my wallet I took Nathan from school picked up Isaac at his school and darted over to little Cesar's pizza, and at this point starvation had kicked in so yes I succumbed and at two slices of peperoni pizza, I'm totally going to kick my own butt at soon as I log off. Then it was home to shower and squeeze in a nap for Isaac. All was going well and we were actually going to be on time to pick up the boys from school and take Nicolas to the dentist, well that was the plan until Isaac woke up sick to his tummy, we got all "that" cleaned up and I still thought we would make it out the door and then Isaac got all pale looked at me and in about five seconds or so we were both covered in his puke, I know TMI I told you at the beginning it was one of those days. So with ten minutes to pick up the boys and be at the dentist my whole day changed. Called my mom to pick up the boys, called and rescheduled the appointment and brought out the hazmat cleaning equipment and cleaned it all up and took yet another shower. Isaac is now resting in my bed with a puke bag handy along with some gingerale and crackers. I've been doing this mom thing for quite a while and yet it still somehow surprises me how quickly a day can change. Sometimes it can be hectic and stressful but even on days like this I wouldn't trade my life or being a mom for anything else in the world. So tonight we will have a quiet and much needed restful evening and hopefully all will be back to normal tomorrow. I absolutely need a terrific Tuesday after this manic Monday!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day tea

On Wednesday I was invited to have tea at Isaac's preschool. It was such a wonderful morning, the kiddos sang sweet songs and read us their favorite books and then we all went upstairs for fellowship, cake and tea. Happy Mother's day to you all!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

thinking about what may have been...

Dear Johnathon,
28 years ago I became your sister, your big sister. 28 years ago I went from being an only child to a big sister to you a precious seven pound little bundle of joy, who was perfect in every way. You sweet perfect baby boy you were my brother, my baby, my love and our family's world for six short weeks.
Today I can't help but miss you and think that we were supposed to grow up being two peas in a pod, we were supposed to be best friends who would share wonderful childhood memories. We were supposed to ride bikes and build forts and walk to school together every morning. You were supposed to be in the stands on my graduation day. You were supposed to be the one I called to tell I had met the man of my dreams. You were supposed to be there when I had kids and I in turn when you became a father. Today we should be hosting a party to celebrate your 28th birthday, but instead I think of all the should haves, I wonder about all the would haves. Most May 3rds I'm OK that you aren't celebrating your birthday with us, but with Jesus I mean come on I bet He throws a much better birthday party, but today well it feels different. I feel sad, very sad and selfish wishing I was the one putting candles on your birthday cake right now. Selfishly wishing I could see your face if only for a moment, wishing I could hear what your voice would've sounded like what my name would sound like coming out of your mouth. Today I miss you very much. Today I'm wondering what you would look like, how tall would you be, would your beautiful hair still be blond? Would you be married or have kids? Would you be funny like our dad, or quiet like me?
(Would he...would he..would he? the list goes on and on) Well I do know one thing your life on earth with us was so short but you will live in my heart every day of my life, until one day I will get to see for myself if your hair is still blond, if you are quiet like me or funny like dad. One day there will be no would haves or should haves only forever making new wonderful memories with you. Happy Birthday Johnathon, I love you!

your big sister