Friday, July 29, 2011

bruised and broken

So my happy post from just a few days ago has turned into more of a post of a series of injuries that occured at the lake. So the cute pic of my mom from below well that was pre fall, thus preinjury. She took a pretty hard fall just a few moments after I snapped that cute pic and we just found out that she broke her 7th rib. She's been in so much pain, poor mom. She had surgery on her shoulder last October and it was a slow recovery and in the last couple of months she was just starting to get back to her old self again and now with this injury it will again be a slow healing process that will limit her activities a bit, mostly her doing Zumba so she's not a happy camper right now. I also managed to snap a pic of my dad just moments before he took a major head dive into the water as well. He too has been in so much pain and he saw the doc yesterday and I'm happy to say it's not a concussion but just some bruising and swelling in his neck, shoulders and head, a few days of rest and some pain meds and he should be good as new. Thank goodness because he's headed to NM to go on a canoe trip with his sister tomorrow. I'm glad it's nothing serious, that man can't stay down. I'm just so surprised with all of these injuries with all the times we've played on the toys at the lake not one has ended with an injury. I will keep y'all posted but I'm sure they will both be fine. Happy Friday.....well it's a nervous Friday for me, I take Nicolas to decorate his JUNIOR HIGH school locker today and pick up his books. I really can't believe my baby is starting middle school and my baby baby is starting Kindergarten next week. This coming week feels so bittersweet, I will post more about it in the coming days, as I journey through all this uncomfortable gunk.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad, and a fun lake getaway!

a few more because I can't help it

more vacation pics


We are just back from a wonderful and much needed family vacation. We made the six hour drive west to San Diego where we spent a fabulous five days. We hadn't been on a family vacation for four years so it was a much needed break from our usual routine. We were able to meet up with some of my hubby's wonderful brothers and their families. Our first night there we went to a Padres game, that was fun, Isaac had never been to a MLB game before and at the end of the game was a wonderful firework display, coming from our little town it was the best I've seen in years. We also went to Sea World, spend a wonderful day at the beach and went on a boat and road excursion. We had such a great time, makes me wish we had more family around so that we could all get together more often. Here's a few pic of our week.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A day at the lake

What a fun day we had....just sitting and playing at the lake.