Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween school fun

This week was sooo much fun, if I haven't mentioned it lately I think Halloween is one of my absolute favorite holidays. I think it's mostly because of my sweet little trolls and the absolutely adorable town we are lucky enough to live in.
This week Isaac was able to celebrate Halloween/Harvest time at his preschool. The kids went on a pumpkin hunt, Isaac was thrilled to find his hidden behind a huge tree, we've never done a pumpkin hunt before and I really liked the idea of it. Then the next night it was Daddy and child pumpkin carving night at his school. I must admit I was totally excited that my darling husband got to do something special with him and have some one on one time but I was a little jealous, and I totally missed out on pictures, oh well. Then the next day all the kids at his school dressed up in their costumes and we went across the street to go trick or treating at a nursing home, it was so sweet and the kiddos really enjoyed the whole day. The older boys also got to have some fun this week, each day this week they got to have crazy hair, mismatched clothes and pj day, it was cute. Then on Thursday they all got to dress up and have tons of candy and fun at their class parties. We are all still in pj's as I write this (the kids don't have school today) I think we are all feeling the effects of our busy busy week. Although it was super busy and I felt exhausted at the end of it I wouldn't have it any other way, my kids are my life and I feel so blessed that each of them picked me to be theirs. Happy Happy Friday!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

AWANA crazy hair night

What a whirlwind of a week, we have been so busy this week. I am literally hitting the ground running every morning this week, I finally understand the term not enough hours in the day, because literally this week there wasn't, which meant late nights and really early mornings. Whew! I'm exhausted but it sure was fun. Here are some pics of the boys on their way out the door for crazy hair night at AWANAS.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bunko angels & devils

What a fun bunch of girls I get to play with each month, always so much fun!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We're still here

After months and months of not blogging it's kind of hard to decide where to begin. Hmmm I guess the beginning is always best. August brought the wonderful relief of the structured school year for all three of the Briseno boys. Nick started 5th grade (that one is kinda hard to believe), Nathan is in second and Isaac started preschool. They are all loving their new class and their new teachers. Isaac is loving school and meeting new friends, he is convinced that his new friend Abby should come spend the night at out house, hmm when is it appropriate to tell little boys that little girls can't come spend the night?!?
My darling husband has been on two trips to Virginia since my last post, I think I am finally getting used to him being gone once in a while. I think this last trip has been the easiest, actually slept really good and wasn't afraid at all, that my friends is a HUGE HUGE step for me. You see I am working on being independent and I do very well during the day but every night well that's an entirely different story I seem to have myself convinced that my address is somehow sent to every sex offender and murderer in the area, I know how dumb that sounds, where is my faith right? I know I'm working on it. You'd think that God and the fact that I live in a super safe gated community would ease my fears but it doesn't or didn't we will have to see what his next trip brings up for me.
Fall is definitely in the air around here and I love it, this summer felt unusually hot and I am ready for cool days and cool nights. I love our area this time of years, it's absolutely gorgeous. With all of the holidays coming up our house is buzzing with excitement, speaking of I must run I have Halloween costumes to make. And since I missed it Happy Fall Y'All!!