Saturday, September 13, 2008

"This is the day"

"this is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it" (Psalm 118:24) Yesterday was one of those days were I just wanted to go back to bed pull the covers over my head and hope I would either wake up to an entirely different day with different circumstances or sleep the entire day away like it never happened.

My Gramps was diagnosed with lung cancer yesterday. I was at karate with the kids and my phone went dead but I had remembered to bring the charger so I plugged the phone in and not a minute later it rang I knew who was on the other end and what this call was about I had been waiting for it all day. I picked up hoping for the best and my hope and positive thinking was gone in an instant my mom was crying so hard I could barely hear her but I knew it wasn't the news I was hoping for. My eyes teared up immediately and all I could hear her say was "this is just like my mom, this is happening just like it happened to my mom". In an instant this enormous weight fell on my shoulders I kept thinking no no no this can't be, this can't be happening again please God no not again. Somehow God's grace filled me as quickly as the bad news I had heard left. Grace, it's amazing how it happens. This is the day the Lord had made right? He makes good days and bad both however are ways we can be in his grace and allow his love to embrace us. I heard God speak to my heart no regrets he said and immediately I said yes no regrets. I've loved my grandpa since day one and have been lucky enough to have the relationship with him that I tell him often how much I love him and how good he is to me. We have always been close, he sometimes is the first person I tell when something is going on. He knows everything about me the good the bad and the ugly as the saying goes. Grace and a deep breath got me through the rest of the day.
Today I went to a Women of Wisdom brunch and by God's mercy I was sent there it was all about tragedy, mercy, grace and love. The woman who spoke had lost her ten year old son two years ago. I cried through the whole entire thing, not only did her story resemble so much the day I lost my brother but it also helped me focus on what is happening right now. Cancer is bad yes but is it the end? not always and hopefully not for my grandpa. This is the day the lord has made...I will rejoice that God is giving this day, a day I can call him and laugh with him or just call him to tell him I love him, I will rejoice that today is an opportunity an opportunity to make this day wonderful. Sure God makes good days and bad ones he makes birthdays, anniversary days he makes everything each day good or bad is a day He has made for us. Please keep my grandpa in your prayers:)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Gone Fishing

What a wonderful weekend we all had. Saturday we spent the day doing our chores so we could enjoy the rest of the weekend. After we were done the boys went with their "Pa" fishing at Lynx Lake. Isaac and I were able to take a much needed nap. Saturday night we went to Angela and Tye's house for a BBQ it was wonderful. The kiddos had tons of fun playing Angela and I enjoyed our pomegranate martinis and the boys played pool.

Sunday we went back to the lake the boys caught crawdads and minnows we had sooo much fun. Pa and Daddy taught them how to catch and release all the little bass. Isaac was like a mad man running up and down the shore he "accidentally" fell in the water only a couple of times. What a great weekend:)

Friday, September 5, 2008

Blessed are we

I find myself sometimes getting so caught up in the tasks of the this...wash this...what time is that appointment that I often forget the little things that make each day extraordinary. Isaac reminded me of that today.
After I finished working out I walked over and got him from childcare where they were playing outside. I held his hand and we began our trek to the car. On our way he saw a tree and lay ed on the grass beneath it and said "mama look" as he pointed to the clouds and then "come sit minute". We lay ed there for a long time watching the clouds pass and pointed out different shapes, then as we got up and walked we reached the gate there is a bench there and he wanted to "sit minute" and we drank our water and just sat there. And for those few minutes we just sat and sat in the moment everything else that I thought I had to do just vanished then we walked further and he did somersaults in the grass. In all we stayed at the club for an hour after I finished my class, it was wonderful to be reminded to just enjoy the moment and have some fun. My hope is to do that more often because as I think about my boys I realize that time is just flying by so I hope to have more small precious moments and hope to "have to" less :) P.S I just ordered a new camera and it should arrive in just a few day and then I will have wonderful pics of our wonderful life to share.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

home sweet home

Nice to be back home and back to our routine. We made an unplanned very fast trip to New Mexico over the weekend and it was wonderful. We left early Saturday morning and drove straight through to Eagle's nest. I hadn't been there since I was a kid I had forgotten how beautiful it was. The weather was crisp and cool and the rain was amazing. The kiddos went fishing and were really excited about how many they caught and then we grilled them up and ate them for brunch. After a wonderful night and day at the lake we headed to Santa Fe. We visited with some family. My aunts, grandparents and cousins it was great I felt really spoiled being able to see them again so soon, we were just there in June. It seems the longer I live in AZ the less I go to NM. I loved seeing my family again, it was really nice because when I really thought about it, it had been almost a year since I'd seen my grandpa. I think that's the longest amount of time I've ever been away from him in my whole life. We had a great time together at the lake we sat outside and just talked away. I was mixed with emotions I just pray that nothing is wrong with him.

The trip home yesterday was great too, I wasn't looking forward to the traffic, but it wasn't bad at all the kids slept a lot and the trip went fast and we were home safe and sound before I knew it, thank you God.
Our week is starting off good, the kids were excited to go back to school and needless to say I feel blessed by the opportunity to be with my family this weekend :)