Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Tasty Tuesday treat...

Being that it is Tuesday, one of my least favorite days of the week so I thought I would start sharing something that I found pleased all the little and big eaters in my family. Plus I have found that happy bellies make very happy families, at least it works for my husband it is absolutely true that the way to that man's heart is through his stomach. Today's Tuesday treat is a repeat of something I made last year but it was so good I couldn't resist making it again, plus it was freezing outside and baking this in the oven heated up the house so nicely.

Monday, November 29, 2010

I am so glad I posted that cute fall picture of my darling little family before our first snow fell overnight. I am so excited that winter is steadily approaching, what can I say I probably should be living somewhere that gets tons of snow because I love it so much, and maybe I just say that because we get enough snow where it's fun and very manageable, who knows! This last week we went to Phoenix to spend our very first ever Thanksgiving with my in-laws. It was absolutely wonderful, I really hope that as a family we start spending more time together.

On Thanksgiving night we decided it would be best to drive the hour and a half home so that my hardworking hubby could be at work for his black Friday sale. Well I'm so glad we did, because we realized that the fabulous outlet mall that is in between home and Phoenix opened at ten. We were caught in traffic for a while and finding a parking spot was a bit of a challenge but we finally made it. Isaac and I took a quick look around oohed and awed over the beautiful decorations and then hiked it back to the car where I turned on the heater and my heated seats and comfortably watched the Karate Kid ( for like the millionth time). Within about oh two minutes Isaac was fast asleep. I've never been out shopping like that and it was kinda fun, although if I seriously needed to get something I may have been a little frustrated.
Yesterday was absolutely perfect as well, snow was falling in AZ and we put on Christmas carols, had a roaring fire in the chimney, dinner was baking in the oven and happy little kids and super happy parents decorated our Christmas tree. What can I say I guess I'm a bit of a gusher but I've been feeling extremely blessed recently. So with a wonderful memory maker of a Thanksgiving behind us I look forward to a very blessed holiday season for our family as well as yours.
Oh and in case you were curious or if you wern't and I'm telling you anyway... I had a fantastic week being 30!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Walking through fall...

It feels as though winter has made it's arrival here in the desert, and I couldn't be happier because as most Arizonans know that the lower the temperature goes the closer Christmas is and I can't wait.
This week is so full yet will be so fun. The kiddos have a very short week at school and then we are off to spend Thanksgiving with my husband's family. It will be the first time in all of our eleven years of marriage that we will spend the holiday with them. It should be fun! I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving, I hope your holiday is filled to the brim with God's blessings and I hope they continue into and throughout the holiday season.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Goodbye 20's you've been great but...

I can hardly believe that in less than 48 hours I will be a thirty year old woman. I now know and feel how time really does fly. I guess the hardest part about turning thirty is that I have to close that chapter of my life. My twenties were a time of being newly married and having children. Two of life's greatest blessings. Now as I move into my thirties that is all over with, my husband and I after eleven years of marriage have decided that we will not be adding anymore little critters to our bunch and in the back of my heart I ache a little. Not that I want to ever again go through childbirth or night time feedings or diapers ever again, I think it's mostly because I've had infants and toddlers and preschoolers now for almost eleven years and it feels really strange to leave that stage behind, especially because it felt like it would last forever at the time and now looking back it's all gone so fast, too fast. I will be thirty and my baby will start kindergarten next year. Where has the time gone?
My twenties were a time of self exploration. I was lucky enough to get through my first two year degree, although it took me four, and I am eager to go back to school, that is when I decide what I want to be when I grow up I'm hoping my thirties will help me with that. It was also a time of great trials that would shake me to my core. The first would be a test of my faith in the Lord. That test came at my twenty week ultrasound with my second child. The day I found out that he would be born so severely handicapped that he wouldn't make it to his third birthday. I learned to have faith in a God that had a plan and that loved me and that would take care of me and my son not matter what the outcome would be. I learned to trust and have faith instead of trying to control everything on my own. He is now a healthy and thriving eight year old, who is our hippie child that literally melts my heart daily with his kind heart and quirky personality.
My twenties were a time when my love and commitment to my husband and marriage would be pushed to it's limits and tested beyond my understanding. My husband whom I love with all my heart and soul and I would decide to put our marriage on hold for almost a year to figure things out. We separated for nine months, for nine months during my twenties I lived alone for the very first time. In my twenties I found out how much effort it takes to save a marriage and also what huge blessing it is. In my twenties I realized how much I am loved and how much I can love. I learned a lot about compassion and patience. I learned that I am worth loving and I deserve to be loved and in turn can give love, the kind of love without expectations the kind of love that had eluded me for so long. In my twenties I learned that it's important to save for rainy days. To say what's in my heart and to act on my instincts. I also learned how to so say goodbye to loved ones, and cherish sweet memories and remember the lessons they taught me. I've learned to cherish friendships because the older I get the more I realize how important they are and how it's not like kindergarten where I have a new best friend every day. Friendships are important and need to be treated as such. I've also learned to let go of some friendships or be ok with how they've changed, I've learned not to expect so much from people. I've learned to say no and to mean it and my kids have learned that no is a complete sentence and a nice one at that. I've learned how great God is and how important my journey home to Him is and that has been one of my twenties biggest life changing moments.
I've lived, learned, and loved in my twenties and I hope my thirties bring even more love, more joy, more laughter and much much much more faith. So to you my twenties I bid adieu as I close the book on you, it's been great, it's been fun but I really must run.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Happy Halloween

What a wonderfully spooktactic week we had around here, I'll share just a few little pics of all the fun.