Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010

a couple of firsts...

Since Easter Isaac has been a busy busy little bee of new activity. He went to the dentist and had his first ever cleaning and check up, all went great. No cavities his teeth are in tip top chewing condition, music to my ears because the rest of the boys have extremely soft teeth and are very cavity prone.

Isaac also started t-ball this past week, and he loves it. And I mean all of it, the bugs, the grass, the clouds making funny shapes in the sky, and I'm not totally convinced he doesn't think it's soccer. I do however see running in his future. Things are going great around here. We've been busy as usual, the boys have about five weeks of school left and the teachers are jamming them with swimming lessons at the YMCA, really cool field trips to meteor crater and some other really cool northern Arizona destinations.

Nick (as he wants to be called now) started baseball too! He is in the minors and I will post pics of his first game soon, he is the pitcher. We are so proud of him. Well that's all for now, hope you all have a blessed week!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Had to enlarge this one because...

I love this picture and when I saw how it came out on the previous post I had to repost the pic just a bit bigger, Isaac is holding the reason for Easter in his hand and I just love it!

our very colorful Easter

We had a fantastic Easter this year, one of the many reasons it was good is that Manuel got to spend his very first Easter at home with Luis. Last year we in Mexico with him for Easter but didn't really get to celebrate so this year we did it all, the who kit and caboodle. We dyed eggs, had two ok three egg hunts, grilled outside, opened easter baskets, you name it we did it. I think there was a different feel this year but a great one, more of a complete one. Sometimes it's really neat to watch Manuel celebrate all these firsts with his son. Well here are some pics, sorry so brief but these kiddos have me running lately. Have a great day!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Not Me Monday

Well well where do I begin. I've absolutely not been slacking on my blog I would never do that, I am the picture of perfection at multi-tasking so I would never ever let more than a month go by without a single post, Nope not me! Isaac turned four on friday and I didn't let him put his entire face into one corner of the cake and eat up, nope that is disgusting and would be horrible manners, I teach my kiddos way better than to do things like that. I didn't let all of them stay at Peter Piper's Pizza until closing time nope they are always in bed by bed time. That would be so silly of me. I haven't yet again let my laundry pile up into mountains I swear are higher than Everst, nope couldn't be me. I haven't been running all the kiddos around to their many practices that I dream of being in my car and I actually want a Sienna after seeing how the mom can take a nap in it with her feet reclined, nope not me I never ever want to get rid of my SUV! I didn't this morning barely make it to the gas station...I never ever drive on fumes. I told you earlier I'm so organized and on the ball it's amazing! So please share don't leave me hanging out here all alone what have you not been up to? Click on the "Not me Monday" box on the right to see what MckMamma and everyone else have not been up to this week.