Friday, June 12, 2009

still trying to catch up

So camping was a blast. We spent four wonderful days in beautiful Williams AZ. I would really like to show you how beautiful it was but in the rush of packing up the kids, the dogs and the tons of food we took I managed to somehow forget my camera so you are just going to have to trust me that it was absolutely beautiful up there. As green as Ireland the kids would say. Our first day there was really quiet and mellow I think everyone was exhausted from working all week because the rest of the trip was go go go. We rode our toys all over the place, so much so that at the end of every day we looked like a family of monkeys with our brown dirty faces, it's quite possible that I will be cleaning sand from our bodies for weeks. I know yuck yuck you say what is so fun about that, well it was so much fun a little dirty but fun. The kids made smores and ran around really playing yes using their imaginations and not their fingers on video games. I think they watched one movie the whole time we were there, the rest of the time I couldn't keep them inside. Even Isaac he had the best time, he is just like a puppy surrounded by big dogs he runs the pack and thinks that he is as strong, big and old as the rest of them, I swear he is three going on like twelve at this point it's cute because there isn't the twelve year old attitude.

So now sad to say it's back to life, or what I mean is will I ever catch up with my laundry???Aagh it seems to multiply so fast these days so much so that my dream right now is to turn one of the storage rooms into another laundry room. Oh well it will get done and the mountain of clothes that remain was well worth the fun we had this last week. Hope all of you had a wonderful week and have a wonderful weekend:)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Going Camping

After what has been a long and heart wrenching couple of weeks I am ever so grateful to be getting out of town and out into the great outdoors. We are leaving to White Horse Lake today for the next four days. I can't wait, we are going to be with a bunch of our closest friends and we always have a ton of fun. No TV, no news, no newspaper nothing but the family and wide open spaces. We need this so much right now so I'm so grateful, I feel that since my grandpa's passing I've been living in a world that seems to be spinning so fast and I'm just not ready to jump in yet so the great outdooors is the perfect place for me right now. Have a wonderful weekend everyone:)