Thursday, March 1, 2012

our very own picasso

All three of our boys are dramatically different. It's kind of amazing to see, I treat them all relatively the same we all live in the same house, eat all the same food, watch more or less the same thing hear the same music but beautifully we are all very very different. Nicolas is our straight A athlete, Isaac is our comedian and Nathan is our artsy picasso child. His artwork has been chosen each and every time the school does an art show. He has had artwork exhibited in several locations around town and the local college asks for his work. This was his latest creation a wire lizard, the picture does it absolutely no justice it was very creative and really cool. I should have labeled this post brag on Nathan, and I mean that in the most humble way. I love to see how each of my children use their God given talents, we are all so blessed and each of us has one. Sometimes as adults I think we tend to forget or wonder what our talent is or at least I do/did. I love how children are so free and expressive and creative and I get to see each day their talents, their gifts, their growing personality, their new abilities and each day I love a little more that I get to be their mom and that is my gift. Happy Happy Thursday, I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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